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    Until a work of art is finished, until a song is released...what goes on in the artist’s mind? Every color, every word, and every sound is intentionally designed for the artist’s creation. What kind of expression does the artist have as each part is formed? What feelings and emotions do they experience up until the work is revealed to the world? Videographer Yuki Hayashi seeks to capture the unique, “behind the scenes” story of artists and their own creative journeys.



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    Yuki Hayashi






    London international Film Festival

    Best Cinematography in a Documentary


    Milan international Film Festival

    Best Editing of a Documentary


    작품이 완성될때까지,노래가 완성될때까지. 아티스트가 작품을 만드는 과정에서는 어떤 일이 일어나는건가 작품을 만들기 위해 창조되는 하나의 색깔,단어,소리. 그것들이 탄생하는 순간,아티스트는 어떤 표정일까. 그리고 어떤 마음,어떤 감정으로 완성시키는걸까. 그런 사람들에게 안보이는 모습을 찍고 담는 영상작가, 하야시 유우키Hayashi Yuki